Young Belgian Talent

Working with YBT

From helping to count votes at the finals to organizing concerts & events; sharing your expertise and time, there are many ways to contribute to the continued growth and effectiveness of YBT. Be it only every three years for the finals, or on a more regular basis, feel free to contact us to offer your help or share ideas. 

Sponsoring & Patronage

Being a YBT sponsor can be very rewarding, both emotionally as well as financially. The visibility we offer our business sponsors is extremely well targeted. From the beginning, sponsoring and patronage have been two vital activities for the arts. From the 16th. to the 19th century, this was mostly from kings, rich landowners and the church.   At its inception, YBT decided not to apply for governmental grants or subsidies, but to look to the private sector for finance. This was to ensure that we were not competing with other, already existing, well deserving organizations for bursaries and funds. 
Reach out to us for more information, membership donations begin from as little as 30EUR per year. 

Become a Member

YBT thrives from the continuing support of its very loyal membership. Membership donations begin from as little as 30EUR per year.  Benefits include: receiving an annual newsletter and being invited to YBT exclusive Memebership events & receiving advanced notifications of offical concerts and ticket discounts. 

Corporate Sponsors

Our corporate sponsors receive a unique, yearly one to one session with a member of the YBT board of directors to discuss the upcoming year's events. This is to ensure a succesful sponsoring partnership program for the year. We can take into account special needs and requirements. This can include arranging in-house concerts or linking into your existing outreach and CSR activities.