Young Belgian Talent

Aveline Gram - Selected 2010

Aveline Gram is the first musician that was sponsored by The Bayard Partnership, as  Young Belgian Talent, before the foundation of YBT as a not-for-profit organisation. When The Bayard Partnership decided to sponsor outstandingly gifted, young, Belgian, classical musicians, they approached The Brussels Conservatoire of Music.  After talking with the Professor of piano, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, an interview was set up with Aveline Gram, one of his pupils and she was selected. Aveline received support from 2010 up to, and including 2012.

Today, we are proud to have Aveline on our team of professional coaches, and also to work with her in her capacities as a pianist.


Aveline began playing the piano at the age of six. Under the guidance and tutorage of Professor Marijke Oers she has won numerous national and international competitions (Cantabile, EPTA, Grétry, Concours Musical de France,…) and prizes. At the age of 16 she decided to turn her passion into her future profession. She left the traditional Belgian school system and was accepted at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels two years earlier than the normal admission age, under the exceptional status of ‘Young Talent’.

Aveline also attended several master classes with professors such as E. Virssaladze, P. Devoyon, V. Krainev, M. Beroff, J-F. Heisser, O. Yablonskaya, A. Queffélec, B. Rigutto and many others.
She performed in different countries in Europe (France,Italy,Belgium,Germany,…) and played as a soloist with orchestras like ‘Nuove Musiche’, ‘Il Novecento’, ‘University Symphonic Orchestra of Leuven’, ‘Youth orchestra of Antwerp’, ‘Artis Dulcedo’, ‘Sinfonietta’ and many others. She performed pianoconcertos composed by Rachmaninov, Mozart, Prokofiev, Chopin, …

In September 2009 she studied during one year with Oxana Yablonskaya, a renound Russian pianist, in her private school together with a very select group of great young pianists from all over the world.

Since winning the title of “Young Belgian Talent” in January 2010, Aveline has continued her career as a musician. In September 2010, Aveline was nominated as the “Pianist of the year” by the International Chopin Foundation. She was invited by them to participate at a master class in Warsaw, Poland. In February 2011 she won the 2nd prize of the Excellentia competition.

In October 2011, Aveline was invited to play a recital as a duo with the Armenian violinist Gayané Grigoryan in the Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels (BOZAR) in the context of “BozarSundays”.

In 2011, Aveline was accepted in the “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole” (Italy) where she followed a 3- years postgraduate course with Prof. Elisso Virssaladze and graduated with succes in 2014.

In September 2013, Aveline started a Master diploma of Chamber Music at the ‘Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel’ that she continued from september 2014 on at the “Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien” in Hannover (Germany) with Prof. Markus Becker. She was also in the class of Prof. Jan Philip Schulze for Lied interpretation. She finished this Master Chamber Music ‘with great distinction’ in june 2015.

In October 2016, Aveline decided to broaden her horizon and start a solo backpacking world trip.
She booked a one-way flight to Chennai, India and started – with only her backpack, sleeping bag and hiking shoes – a new adventure. She has been travelling through India and Nepal. Barely 2 months after arriving in India, a 6-week concert tour was organized for her: 8 concerts and masterclasses going from Delhi in the north to Trivandrum in the South.

At the moment Aveline is continuing her travels through Asia, with music (western as well as traditional Asian music) as a red line throughout her journey.

Aveline Gram - Scherzo no. 2 in B flat minor by Chopin @ Kapel van de Grauwzusters, Antwerp, 2010

Aveline Gram talking about Young Belgian Talent - The Bayard Partnership

Live @ the Bozar - Brussels: Aveline Gram - Chopin Ballade No.1 in G minor, Op. 23

Variations on one string (on a theme by Rossini) by Niccolo Paganini