May 22, 2018

The Shortlisted Candidates

Our Fifteen shortlisted candidates are:

Annette Csikos

Annette Csikos, Violin.

Annette is 20, comes from Brussels and studies under Yossif Ivanov at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.
Anna Fuhrmann

Anne Fuhrmann, Clarinet.

Anne 18 comes from Bütgenbach and studies under Annelien Van Wauwe at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.
Balder Dendievel

Balder Dendievel, Obeo.

Balder 16 comes from West-Vlanderen and studies under Luk Nielandt at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.
Benjamin Pedmonte

Benjamin Pedemonte, Piano.

Benjamin, 20 comes from Brussels and studies under Eliane Reyes at Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.
Elen Shahinans

Elen Shahinans, Violin.

Elen 13, our youngest contestant, comes from Armenia and now lives in Brussels. she is studying under Tatiana Samouil.
Emile Souvagie

Emile Souvagie, Clarinet.

Emile is a previous YBT finalist from 2015. He comes from Oost-Vlaanderen and studies under Benjamin Dieltjens at The Royal Conservatory, Brussels.
Felix Vermeirsch

Felix Vermeirsch, Cello.

Felix is 19, comes from West-Vlaanderen and studies under Istvan Vardai – France Springuel at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany.
Georges-Lucas Ilouridze

Georges-Lucas Ilouridze, Clarinet.

Georges-Lucas 17, comes from Namur and studies under Marie-Hélène Adnet, at the Conservatoire Balthasar-Florence de Namur.
Hanna Beyens

Hanne Beyens, Clarinet.

Hanne 19, comes from Vlaams-Brabant and studies at the LUCA School of Arts – Campus Lemmensinstituut Leuven under Roeland Hendrix.
Jonathan van der Beek

Jonathan van der Beek, French horn.

Jonathan 19, comes from Vlaams-Brabant and studies under Luc Bergé at the Royal conservatoire, Brussels.
Jules Baeten

Jules Baeten, Clarinet.

Jules 19, comes from Limburg and studies under Roeland Hendrikx at the Conservatorium in Maastricht.
Liese-Lotte Bakaert

Liese-Lotte Bekaert, Percussion.

Liese-Lotte 19, comes from West Flanders and studies under Gerrit Nulens at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège.
Maximilien Lamouris

Maximilien Lamouris, Bassoon.

Maximilien 19, comes from Brussels and studies under Luc Loubry at The Brussels Conservatoire.
Xinyi Tian

Xinyi Tian, Violin.

Xinyi 19, comes originally from Luoyang, China and now lives in Brussels and studies under Veronique Bogaerts at the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels.
Lette Thijs

Lette Thijs, Saxaphone.

Lette 19, comes from Oost-Vlaanderen and studies under Simon Diricq of The Royal Conservatory, Brussels.
Sarah Bayens

Sarah Bayens, Violin.

Sarah, 18, comes from Antwerp and studies under Shirly Laub at The Royal Conservatory, Brussels.