September 16, 2018

Privacy charter

Your Privacy

Within this privacy charter, Young Belgian Talent will make clear to you how we collect and process your personal data and how we will assure the respect for your privacy by processing your personal data according to the law and the spirit of the General Data Protection Regulation

Your Rights.

Respecting your privacy is more than just a statement. It implies that we at Young Belgian Talent will be open and transparent in the way we process your data and that we will foresee in ways for you to come to the insights on what personal data exists within Young Belgian Talent, how it can be consulted and corrected if needed, how an electronic format of it can be obtained and how you can get a restriction or an objection against a certain processing or even how we can forget about you.

A first step in the execution of your rights, is for us to make sure that you are who you say that you are. In order to proof this, we might ask you for additional information, like a verso of your ID-card, or a reply on a confirmation mail to a known email address or any identification means that seems in the relationship we have.

Furthermore, try to be as specific as possible when exercising your rights. This will enable us to deal with your request concretely and correctly.

Right of Information

The first right that you have, is the right to be informed about your Personal Data that is being processed by Young Belgian Talent and how it is dealt with. This charter will provide you this information and will be detailed out if specific services require a more in-depth information sharing.

As part of the information to be provided, the coordinates of the Data Controller are also included:

Young Belgian Talent

Registered at Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek
with registration number 0548.754.437

Represented by David Frans and contactable at:

Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek
Phone:  +32 (0) 2 309 52 45

Any request regarding Data Privacy and/or the execution of your Rights in this matter should be addressed to the Data Protection Manager at the contact details provided above.

Right of Access

You have at all time the right to get an insight on what personal data is processed at Young Belgian Talent. In order to execute this right, you can address us via an email at or via a written request to Young Belgian Talent – Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek.

Right of Rectification

In case the data that we possess has become out of date and/or contains incorrect elements, you can inform us and ask for a correction to be made. As an initiation of this request, please also address via an email at or via a written request to Young Belgian Talent – Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek.

Right of Objection

In case we are processing your data without your explicit agreement or without any other contractual or legal basis, because Young Belgian Talent needs to do this in its own interest, then you have the right to object against this processing.

For this execution of your right, we need to know explicitly against which processing you are objecting and you must know that this might potentially make further providing of services impossible.

Again, requesting for this can be easily done via an email at or via a written request to Young Belgian Talent – Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek.

Right of Restriction

In the situation where we disagree on the usage of your Personal Data or composition of it, you can ask for a restriction of further processing of your data, until the situation is cleared out.

This very specific action, requires the explicit specification of what data will be restricted and will need to be part of your request via an email at or via a written request to Young Belgian Talent – Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek.

Restricting the processing of your data will certainly result in a – temporary – impossibility to provide any services.

Right To Be Forgotten

As a final right, you might have a need that Young Belgian Talent does not process any longer your Personal Data. In so far that Young Belgian Talent can accept this request without interfering with any other overruling need, like e.g. legal obligations, we’ll execute your right on your request via an email at or via a written request to Young Belgian Talent – Oude Diestsestraat 12, 3380 Bunsbeek.

Possibility to file a complaint

To complete the view on your rights, we want to inform you that you have the possibility to file a complaint towards the Belgian Data Protection Authority CPP (Commission for the Protection of Privacy, formerly known as the Privacy Commission) via

This is an option that is left, when Young Belgian Talent does not react to your requests in the foreseen timeframes or when the response does not satisfy your expectations. This option can also be used when the Bayard Partnership is processing your personal data in an unlawful way.

What Data is processed and for what reason

Young Belgian Talent is a nonprofit organisation that supports young classical musicians. In order to provide value to its members and to these musicians certain Personal Data can be processed.

Adding value towards our musicians

The organisation of our competions and the support afterwards requires the collection and processing of following Personal Data:

  • Personal contact information (name, address, email, phone number)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language spoken
  • Instrument
  • Academic background (conservatoire, professor, …)
  • A copy of your motivation statement, CV and motivation letters of your peers
  • Your picture
  • The fact that you are domiciled in Belgium and not subject to a temporary residence permit

For the application of budget assignments we might also process:

  • Your financial background
  • Personal motivations when applying for a project

Adding value towards our members

Personal Data collected from our members consists of

  • Personal contact information (name, address, email)
  • Company information
  • Preferred language
  • Birth date
  • Gender

Information processing by 3rd parties

Young Belgian Talent uses 3rd party systems and services that store a copy of the personal data specified above:

  • Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

Data Retention

Young Belgian Talent only retains your data as long as we need it to effectively serve you or to comply to legal obligations in accordance with this privacy policy. In this context, an annual review is carried out to determine which data is in need of an update or can be removed. Of course, you always have the right to rely on your rights as explained above.

Information Security

Young Belgian Talent undertakes all suitable technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided and collected from

  • destruction,
  • loss,
  • unintended alteration,
  • damage,
  • accidental unlawful access
  • or any other unauthorized processing of personal data.

The number of association members who have access to your personal data is limited and only to the extent necessary for the performance of their duties.

This Privacy Charter

This Privacy Charter has been updated on 16/09/2018, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.