Greet Van ‘t veld joins the YBT board

Young Belgian Talent’s board of directors has been enhanced with the addition of Greet Van ‘t veld. Greet’s joining will allow us to offer more to our wonderful musicians. her network, expertise and dynamism in so many areas will be be of such a massive benefit. When asked why she does it she replied “

I know how much stress, effort and sacrifice it takes to reach the required level and to maintain it. Because being a musician is for life, it never stops, you must practice your whole life if you want to build and maintain a
flourishing career. I volunteer my time out of idealism. I find the way in which YBT follows the laureates and winners, giving them opportunities and offering coaching and financial support, after they have won the prize
so meaningful! No other competition takes on the responsibility to assist young people until they are 25 years old!

Welcome Greet!

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